When it comes to the addiction process, the military personnel are those who are very likely to be addicted.

As people struggle with it a different way, it is quite unique for military personnel. The events that take place during war has the capacity to make them struggle with addiction.

One of the common channels that pave way for the addiction of military personnel is prescription painkillers, an example is opium.

Now, the function of opium is to reduce the volume of pain felt after an injury. As expected, military personnel are prone to injuries so they need prescription painkillers when they return to their camp.

With time, some of them become used to these painkillers and they take them because of the “high” effects that come with it.

They begin to abuse the intake, without any prior prescription. Soon enough, they are not satisfied with the current dosage and they increase it so that they can get an enhanced effect.

Asides drugs, another common addiction is alcohol. Military personnel take alcohol when they are stressed out.

So, after engaging in any operation, the first thing they do when they get back to their camp is to open a bottle of alcohol and drink up. Most times, they take more than a bottle. In due time also, they become addicted to it.

Military Personnel need to realize that the best solution to stress is not to indulge in abuse. Rather, they should inculcate effective health practices that will make sure that they are doing fine. They should rest appropriately and eat a nutritious diet.

For those who are addicted, it is essential for them to opt for treatment as soon as possible before it takes a great toll on their health.

There are addiction treatment services that cater exclusively for military personnel who are addicted, so it is advised that they opt for treatment and get their lives back on track.

A military personnel who is not addicted would be more productive and useful to the force in the long run.


The Military is a tough profession and it is not for those who have tough skins or those who desire to. When citizens of a nation are sleeping, the military are among the selected few who compulsorily have to remain awake.

The reason for this is, the safety of the nation lies in their hands, so they cannot afford to be complacent.

So, most of the times, military personnel do not have ample time to rest and care for themselves. The absence of this care results in a dent in all aspects of their health particularly their mental health.

There are various possibilities involved when the mental health of a military personnel is not stable. One of such possibilities is inability to deal with stress.

When a military personnel cannot effectively deal with stress, it implies that they might not be productive in the discharge of their duties. Another possibility is the presence of common mental health problems like anxiety, depression and a host of others.

A military personnel who does not know how to care for his mental health would not be able to fully functional. With time, they would be forced to retire.

One of the ways military personnel can care for themselves is to rest effectively. This can be achieved by rotating shifts with other military personnel.

This time should be judiciously used to rest and not indulge in other activities irrespective of how seemingly important they could be.

Also, military personnel are expected to spend ample time with their family and friends. If they cannot be there physically every time, there are other means to achieve this.

They can always reach out to their families via phone calls and the social media.

As little as they could even though the time is not sufficient, military personnel are advised to always exercise. In addition, they should not neglect the place of eating nutritious meal which contributes to their overall state of health. This in turn makes them very productive during operation.