The Essence of Executive Rehab for Military Personnel

Members of the military go through so many violent experiences that affect them for life. While they perform their duty of defending the nation, it’s often at the cost of their body and mental health. When veterans come back to civilian life either due to retirement or injury sustained in action, they’re usually never the same.

One major problem that haunts them on their return is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For instance, they can get panic attacks by simply hearing a revving vehicle nearby, as their minds recollect bombings they survived.

To deal with this anxiety disorder, many vets resort to alcohol and drug use, which leads to addiction. Some may have been addicts already while in the military, but only realize it when they get back and try to stop, but can’t. In any case, they are faced with two problems that require different approaches to solve – PTSD and addiction.

If these heroes have any hope of leading a normal life, they would need help doing so, and that’s where executive rehab comes in. Executive rehabilitation isn’t the regular rehab program but one of high class and services, usually for CEOs and executives of prominent companies. This is no doubt the treatment military personnel deserve.

Executive rehab is important for them because it offers them the required services to fit back into society conveniently. They get individual and group therapy sessions to help deal with the PTSD, and also behavioral therapy to get over addiction.

Executive rehab also provides other beneficial services such as psychopharmacological assessments and holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation which help to calm the mind.

Veterans can also get Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) as needed, biofeedback, and skill-building training so they can keep busy. And they’re not just neglected after the rehab, they’re followed up and provided with aftercare services.

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